Since the advent of the Internet, its users have been able to hide behind a certain vail of anonymity. So I wonder how can one use the web accurately to research market trends? Some of this will make sense, other times it will be a brain dump. Bear with me, this is a long term project in the making.


Changing Gears - 3/15/05

I decided to change gears for a while as my efforts to explore the world of open source research are being put on hold or slowed in the secondary research phase.

In place of open source research I am going to be placing what some might term a blogroll here for the next couple of weeks. The blogroll will be highlights of blogs I visited during the day with comments and thoughts, which you the reader are encouraged to discuss with me. This is another way of me saying that I needed a simple way of managing my daily intake of blogs and this appeared to be the best solution, so here goes nothing.

First off, I saw some comments about Microsoft's next IE browser version on linking over to Mary Jo Foley's Microsoft Watch site. What is most interesting in the mention of features is not the Firefox similarities, but the possible threat this browser and Microsoft's anti-spyware product might pose for companies like Symantec or Trend Micro who are just really starting to ramp up for the mainstream user.

Next, the guys over at Gizmodo never cease to amaze me with all the gadgets they get their hands on or discuss, "where do they get those toys?" Anyway, as if we have not been inundated with the news of cell phone viruses being spread on the Sybian mobile platform on Nokia phones running the Series 60 operating system, get ready to purchase anti-virus software for your iPod. Gizmodo is showing off a new accessory for your iPod that will allow you to enable Bluetooth on your iPod.

Moving on, Fred Wilson, writer of "A VC" blog puts down his thougths in response to a NYTimes article about Landmark Theaters move to using digital projection systems as opposed to the traditional film projection systems. It is no surprise to me that Mark Cuban (he is sort of an HD angel) is behind this venture and I support Mr. Wilson's belief that this will provide Landmark Theaters with many benefits, but who really benefits in this market? Who is behind the technology of the projectors offering a better picture than the current technology? Also, how will this change the delivery of the production itself, will Boeing's pipedream (they sold the venture) of sending up satellites for digital movie distribution finally come to fruition? If it costs $100,000 to convert a theater and there are roughly 36,000 screens according to the National Association of Theater Operators (NATO), the dollar opportunity across the United States could total over $3.6 billion. More thoughts on this later, I'll have to look at who provides the projectors.

Final post for the evening, I was checking out John Battelle's Searchblog and came across Yahoo! Research's newest project called Buzz Game. The game is tied to search requests on Yahoo!'s search engine. The site gives a simple example that I won't explain here. Why is this interesting, well really it is just entertaining. Being someone that watches the markets daily action, I am seeing an increasing number of market simulators entering the web. This is great because soon one day instead of holding an election for mayor, a city will hold a SimCity tournament and the winner will become the next mayor. I kid you not, simulations done enough times will enable us to better model what will happen or someone's capacity to perform.

Well that is a wrap for the first session here. More to come I promise.


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