Since the advent of the Internet, its users have been able to hide behind a certain vail of anonymity. So I wonder how can one use the web accurately to research market trends? Some of this will make sense, other times it will be a brain dump. Bear with me, this is a long term project in the making.


Weekend Reading 3/19/05

Nothing beats a weekend morning, the sun, the fresh orange juice and a lot of blogs to read. Today I set out to review what has happened in the blogosphere since my last posting this week.

Starting out, I always hit up to see what the geeks are saying. Today I was sent over to an article on discussing VoIP telecom strategies. The jist of the article is that the traditional telecom providers and MSOs are getting ready to squash the VoIP operators (ie Vonage and Skype) by prioritizing IP traffic. Quick example, my broadband Internet is provided by Comcast, so if I was also using Comcast as my voice provider they would tag my voice traffic traveling over their IP networks as being important traffic. If I were to use Skype for voice calls over the Comcast IP network the 1s and 0s would not carry the tag of importance. This could cause the quality of my Skype call to degrade and me to throw my arms up in disgust. This is legal and could be effective, but what about all of the other traffic on the IP networks, will traditional data be prioritized as well? The solution proposed by this article seems to simplistic, you ultimately would have to block the Skype traffic to have an effect because only prioritizing Comcast VoIP traffic would not improve say my overall web surfing experience and knowing how much growth this has provided Comcast I would not want to turn my back on those web surfers.

Moving on, there are some interesting comments made by one of InfoWorld's columnist pertaining to Cisco's move into the storage virtualization space. The piece lays out the discussion of where virtualization brains for storage should reside. Well it appears that Cisco is stepping up and doing instead of discussing where the brains should be with its new Storage Service Module (SSM). This is going to be an interesting area to watch going forward in the network world as Cisco has storage listed underneath its Advanced Technology division. This is the segment where the company expects to see lots of growth, we'll have to watch and see how this plays out.

Next up, the EuroTelcoblog put together by James Enck of Daiwa Securities SMBC Europe Ltd. Some timely comments as I was talking about crossover in the tech industry that I cover at work with my media coworker. My words exactly where, "we'll be see more and more of tech crossing over into media." In Mr. Enck's post on Friday he puts up some figures for online advertising and then eludes to the fact that the carriers providing the web surfers the ability to view the increasing number of online advertisements have not capitalized on the changes in the marketplace. This plays into the VoIP blog I read over at PBS. The carriers have provided these pipelines for communications, but have not figured out how to increase revenues while decreasing the costs for its most valuable user, the web surfer. Granted, if there was not good content on the web we would not have a want or need to get online, but I think we are past that scenario. It will be interesting to see how tech adopts to its new position in the marketplace as it is shifting more towards consumer tech instead of enterprise tech. What is Comcast going to do with Tivo?

In closing, I spent too much time writing and not enough reading today with a number of blogs left on the table. I'll try to do some more catching up on Sunday, for now it's time to attack the day.


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