Since the advent of the Internet, its users have been able to hide behind a certain vail of anonymity. So I wonder how can one use the web accurately to research market trends? Some of this will make sense, other times it will be a brain dump. Bear with me, this is a long term project in the making.


A Weekday Comment, Curious

I was doing some reading up on Microsoft's next mobile platform and came across the following article that asks a very interesting question, "Is Microsoft delaying MS Mobile 2005 due to push email patent concerns?" I don't know the answer, but I am sure millions would like to know. I had to blog this one so that I would remember where I read this and will revisit it after following a few threads.

Also, after posting over the weekend that Sony was going to one up Microsoft and give everyone a glimpse of Playstation 3 before we saw Xbox 2, seems Microsoft has regained the title of being first. It's all over the news now, but here is a posting from one of Xbox Live's employees commenting on the Microsoft and the MTV infomercial.


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