Since the advent of the Internet, its users have been able to hide behind a certain vail of anonymity. So I wonder how can one use the web accurately to research market trends? Some of this will make sense, other times it will be a brain dump. Bear with me, this is a long term project in the making.


Weekend Reading 12.10.05

My return to the blogosphere...let us all raise our glasses to celebrate and then quickly get back to blogging!

I still wonder how many consumers commit to buying a new product or change their brand preference due to a web ad.

Ad conversion rates aside, the new traffic focused online market (sometimes called Web 2.0) has led to a number of acquisitions over at Yahoo!. This week Yahoo! paid an undisclosed amount for, which is a site that allows its users to bookmark and tag websites they visit. The user defined tags help you quickly locate related websites or articles that you or other users have tagged. We are all turning into librarians and are not yet aware.

Jason Wood linked to four sites discussing the purchase, but what interested me the most was Jason's comments. He hits the points of why Yahoo! made the purchase, but then go on to talk about how he has become more reliant on Yahoo!'s sites and services. Jason said,
"All of the sudden Yahoo! has become an important component of my daily life in too many ways to discount. Not a day goes by that I don't use Flickr or; and now they're part of the Yahoo! family. Add to that a pretty decent new RSS aggregator, a leapfrog back over Gmail as the best web-based personal email platform, and the new Yahoo! Maps and all of the sudden Yahoo! is making a real case for being out in front of the long-tail consumer Internet experience."
Wonder if Jason is making the move from Google to Yahoo! entirely, could Yahoo! be coming back into vogue?


Anonymous Jason Wood said...


Thanks for taking an interest in my thought process. Your question is an interesting one and the answer is, "not yet." Frankly I still search via Google...moreso out of habit not because I've empirically found superior search results from Goog vs. Yahoo or MSN.

What will be important for Yahoo!, particularly as they try to bring social networking and the long-tail beyond the early adopter phase, is how they leverage and INTEGRATE all the promising moves they've made of late.

I also use Typepad...and they are reselling that to SMBs. So what are Yahoo!s plans for its relationship with Six Apart, Yahoo! 360, Flickr,, and its other properties?

Time will tell, but for now, I'm still using Google for search [and gmail].



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